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Need Help Marketing Your Lularoe Independent Fashion Consultant Business?

Now that you are in business, how do you keep your business going?

How to Get More Lularoe Customers

Whether you are a new Lularoe Independent Fashion Consultant or have been in the game for awhile, you will always be looking for new customers, especially if your business uses Facebook as its primary source of traffic. Most shoppers on Facebook who love Lularoe are looking for a specific “Unicorn” and are being enticed to shop with sweepstake offers. Rewarding your customers with great offers is an awesome way to attract new customers, it is not the only way.

Posting your link in Online Directory Services

The idea is to create loyal customers and have them shop from your Lularoe Consultant VIP Page on Facebook (as of 2017, Facebook is the #1 method to reach customers online). On your VIP page, you can host private sales and open albums so your “VIP” customers have access to shop from. Online, I would have to say this is the #1 method for consultants to generate sales. #2 would be live sales.

So how do you attract new customers to your VIP page?

In the social media world, we live in, lots of people have forgotten about search engines like Google! You must remember that everything of some kind of importance is indexed with Google, and if your business is not being indexed, people won’t be able to find you. If you are only advertising on Facebook, and someone searches for Lularoe with Google, you along with every other LuLaRoe Consultant on FB will show up. This makes it difficult for the viewer to pick you out of the crowd.

The fix is to make sure you are sharing your website and social links.  You Must have your business listed in other sources to increase your page ranking and receive a better position in Google’s Page Ranking System.

Yes, Facebook is the #1 Social Hub, spend all of your effort in FB and you are missing out on an entire market.

Check out this social hub that hasn’t even been tapped yet. Just think how huge Google+ will be 5 years from now. The hub is not going away folks, and I think the people at Google are pretty smart, so if they are willing to invest in a Social Media Network Like Google+ CLAIMroe, Don’t you think it would be wise to advertise on their platform?  It is a no-brainer to me…

Start by creating a profile here: CLAIMroe register. CLAIMroe is an online directory/social hub that is built for LuLaRoe Consultants, so there are plenty of tools developed specifically designed to boost sales for Professional LuLaRoe Consultants.

Search the web for other services where you might be able to advertise your primary website (VIP Page).

Local Business

  1. Get a listing in or any other local directory service.  A great place to start in your town would be with your Chamber of Commerce.
  2. Create a profile in the CLAIMroe local directory. When local visitors search your area, YOUR LuLaRoe Business will appear. You must remember that you are running a business and you must treat it as a business if you plan on being in the game for the long haul.  MLM business owners usually stop growing when their efforts are limited to only their circle. You must think outside the box, but primarily the rule of thumb to any digital marketing campaign is to gain the most eyes. So start networking with your local communities.Get more LuLaRoe followers

Suggestions for getting your link clicked on:

  1. Make eye-catching, non-typical LLR images, always with your business name visible.
  2. Have a contest for your members to add people to your group for a leggings giveaway. Some have found posting an image with your link makes a difference! People are more likely to be drawn to an image over text.
  3. Do a giveaway for a free skirt/shirt/something, not leggings and a couple of free leggings.
  4. Ask visitors to share your post after they read.

Comfy LuLaRoe Vlothing

Non-Facebook Options

  1. Go to You should be able to go in there and post a link to your facebook page.
  2. Have your friends, family, husband, self-give out your business cards to everyone, tell everyone you know how much you love LuLaRoe, the conversation will flow naturally.
  3. Display your business cards on billboards all over town.
  4. Post on Instagram. Post some of the New Inventory photos with the party date and time.
  5. Go to your local retailer and spread the word! Make sure you are always sporting your LuLaRoe.


  1. Make sure you post your VIP Page links where ever you can on the internet to draw in more traffic.
  2. Offer your VIP to play a game to stimulate participation.
  3. Post every day to your page. Whether it be about new inventory coming or an upcoming party and that draws people in. Positive energy keeps people coming back for more!(note: always make sure that your promotions are compliant with LLR Policy.)

As time goes by, we will post tips to help market your small business on the internet, so check back often and please share this post.

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Thank you for reading and…
Have Fun Making Happy LuLaRoe Clients!

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