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Help Topics for CLAIMroe


Getting Started – for LuLaRoe Consultants

After registering, you will be presented with the opportunity to upgrade your profile to a “Power Consultant”. As a Power Consultant you will have more opportunities for your profile to be visible across the CLAIMroe Network. You can see what the difference between a “Standard” membership and a “Power Consultant” membership here: Features

If the time isn’t right for you to upgrade to a Power Consultant you can navigate to your profile page to begin inserting links so visitors can find and join your VIP Pages. Watch a video of how a Power Consultant profile is completed:

How to Set Up Power Consultant Profile

How does this help my LuLaRoe business and my Clients?

When you list your business in the CLAIMroe Network, you will also have access to great tools customized for the LuLaRoe Consultant. Think of CLAIMroe as a gateway to your VIP Facebook Group Pages. In your CLAIMroe Profile page you can promote visitors to join your Facebook Group Pages or visit your other online properties such as Pinterest or Instagram that can guide the viewer to your sales page.

The number one way to attract lasting customers and clients is with great customer service. At CLAIMroe you have the opportunity to begin a dialog with a shopper that can become your VIP shopper.  This dialog may be as simple as a viewer searching on Google and finding your CLAIMroe Profile to interact with.  In the simplest form, this interaction could be the viewer clicking on your VIP page link and joining your group and then purchasing an item during your next popup event.

Currently, you may only be building your VIP groups by advertising on Facebook or by posting a graphic in LuLaRoe Links Groups.  This is a good method but provides limited results.

CLAIMroe gives you the ability to expand your reach and visibility by displaying your profile publicly to potential LuLaRoe Shoppers.  And of course you always have the option to make your profiles private.  You can change settings on your account page.

Along with the recommended way of building your business by word of mouth, an effective digital presents can really boost sales and VIP memberships. CLAIMroe is optimized for Google Search. Thousands of people search for LulaRoe daily. CLAIMroe optimizes content and purchases relevant keywords that are directed to your profile cards.

This is a no brainer.  If someone searches for a phrase like, “LuLaRoe consultants in California” and selects a CLAIMroe advertisement or CLAIMroe organic content, the link will lead to pages displaying your CLAIMroe Profile Card.

* Currently you cannot advertise your Facebook Group Pages within Google Search, CLAIMroe fixes that problem.

As the CLAIMroe Network continues to grow, we will continue to optimize your profile to be seen by the largest available audience interested in shopping LuLaRoe with networks like Google Search, Google + and other platforms.

When you display your profile as a Power Consultant, viewers can connect with you from various social media networks that you wish to display on your profile.

CLAIMroe makes it easy for clients to find consultants locally and nationwide. Shoppers find Local LuLaRoe Consultants

Tools available to communicate with shoppers/clients and consultants by private messaging and notifications can put you in touch with clients faster.

How to create a good profile

Creating an effective profile to display to your viewers is simple. Start by watching some of our video tutorials. Make sure all of your form fields are complete and the links are directed to your VIP and relative pages. Double check after creating profile to make sure that your links go to where they are supposed to.

How to get verified

As we all know there are lots of people selling LuLaRoe on the internet, some valid consultants, some not.

As a Standard Member you may be able to request verification, this alerts our team of your request, but verification will not be granted until after you become a Power Consultant. We will examine your profile links and with the use of other methods to ensure you are in fact a LuLaRoe Consultant. Screenshots of your Build or Bless accounts may also be required in some cases as proof.

In brief, Verifications are conducted manually when your account is promoted to Power Consultant status.

Where will my profile be displayed?

CLAIMroe optimizes your profile to be seen in Local Channels such as local search and relevant LuLaRoe Content Pages. For example: if your place of business is in California, your profile will be displayed in the California directory. The more you interact with CLAIMroe (comment, login, view shoppers profiles etc.) puts your profile in front of others with less interactions. This algorithm is also implemented on the front page and other search and media pages you can interact with or may appear on.

As the CLAIMroe Network expands, we strategically place profiles to maximize exposure of the Power Consultants Profile Cards and Pages. These placements are determined by user flow and what pages are popular.

Changing permissions

Login to your account and navigate to the account page you can then click on privacy and adjust settings.

Changing notifications

Login to your account and navigate to the account page you can then click on web notifications or notifications and adjust settings.

Contacting CLAIMroe

please contact us here.

Contact for:

  • Suggestions
  • Help
  • Abuse Report
  • Tech Support
  • Errors
  • Compliance

Deactivating accounts

If you wish to terminate your account or downgrade your membership you can follow these instructions.

Social Features

Users can friend local consultants and shoppers

  • Users can create public wall posts
  • Activity tab on user profile shows a user’s activity
  • Users can post on another user’s profile
  • Users can create and edit post and attach a photo to post
  • User can Embed YouTube & Vimeo videos directly onto activity stream if user posts a url
  • Users can add hashtags to posts & users can click on hashtag to see all posts including that hashtag
  • Users can comment & like posts and also reply to comments
  • Users can report specific wall posts
  • Users can make their wall private or view-able by members only via account page