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3 Social Marketing Strategies to Grow Any Social Media Based Business

Social Marketing Tips

Although I speak of any social media business, my focus group for this article is directed to LuLaRoe Fashion Consultants. The LuLaRoe Business is based on the Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) model. The 10 social marketing strategies can be applied to any business model that is structured to use Social Media as means of communicating; Business to Business, Business to Consumer, Collaborator to Collaborator.

Below are 3 methods to use in your online marketing campaigns.

Fresh Content Means Post Daily

Publishing (posting) on regular basis keeps your audience engaged. Posting is the easiest way to gain new clients. If conducted improperly, your efforts could have a reverse effect.

When speaking to your audience there are factors to consider. Boiling down to frequency and relevancy. When starting a marketing campaign to attract new clients you should have a good idea as to what their needs are initially.

If your audience is mostly targeted to women who live in the United States, who have a regular income, who typically shop online and is familiar or would like to learn about LuLaRoe. You would not write about Bass Fishing in Lakes of California.

Tools to use to learn more about your audience:
Google Keyword Planner

By searching keywords like LuLaRoe, Leggings, Comfortable Clothing etc. You will get a better understanding as to who your customers are and what their interest might be.

Although Google Keyword Planner is designed to optimize Pay per Click Campaigns, it is a very useful tool to get an accurate idea of keywords associated with your audience and what they are actually looking for on the web.

Facebook Ads Manager

This is a great way to learn more about your Facebook audience. Within Ads Manager there is a wealth of tools you can use to Find People that you target by interest groups. You can say since Facebook is a Social platform, their model is going to be social based.

Exploring any of these tools can give you a better understanding of the people that you are attempting to interact with.

Create Micro-Content

Once you have a good idea of what you want to say and to whom, start posting. Creating micro-content is the best way to start a conversation. Viewers see so much information on the Internet, they get sensory overload and their eyes skim by what could be important information you wish to engage with.

To do this properly, images are the #1 method to interrupt the reader’s eyes and redirect focus to your message.

Start out by creating a few creatives (graphic messages), and test to see which receives the best response. Create additional graphics with the same subject of the graphics that responded the best. So forth and so on.

Establish Authority

You are a fish in a very big pond. You will not be seen or heard if you have a small footprint.  Establishing a presence on the internet whether it being social or otherwise, require your business to be branded within social media networks and on the web itself.

If you are my age you will recall America Online, if your business was not on AOL, it was very difficult to find otherwise on the net back then. But you must remember, AOL was a Website, just as with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media hub. If you are serious about your online business, eventually you will establish your own website, not as to rely on another to solely conduct business. This ensures longevity and a acts as failsafe if any of those websites go in the same direction as AOL.

Tip: Create a blog post (content) outside of social media but on your own established platform, such as for Professional LuLaRoe Consultants to reach more LuLaRoe customers. Learn More

These platforms should allow you to blog post freely – to build your own identity and authority with use of rating systems. Tools like these give your audience the ability to examine credibility and make better decisions. Your blog post is lasting and act as a long-term solution to attract future customers.


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