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Wholesale And Trade Verification

You must first have a Power Consultants or Wholesale and Trade Account before joining our Wholesale Group. You can get a Membership Here.

When you complete the registration you will go to a page like below, if your account is only for Wholesale And Trade:

WH Code Example
Copy code into the group question to enter.

You can view your code at anytime by going to your CLAIMroe page and scrolling to the bottom.  The link is not visible to the public.


Another Way:

To receive your wholesale and trade verification code, please log into your account and click the link that says “Wholesale And Trade Verification”  This is Only Visible to the Profile Owner. Copy the code into the questions asked before joining the group here: CLAIMroe Wholesale And Trade Consultants Only


Wholesale Verification
Wholesale Verification Code Link

Register For Wholesale And Trade

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