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To Blog or Not To Blog

A young woman blogging at home on her laptop computer.

Currently most business conducted by or with LuLaRoe Consultants happens on FB is obviously a great place to conduct business with all of the tools accessible.

  • What can all of this do for your long term business plans?
  • Are you planning on making Facebook your primary source to do all of your business?
  • What happens if Facebook changes its model, perhaps charging you for current features you use.

There are so many reasons why, (if you are serious about building a long lasting internet based business) you should diversify how you conduct business online.

For starters… You need to continue posting in Facebook as well as other online source to be index by Google and build authority. A simple way of doing this at once is by creating blog post on a website such as and then share (publish) that content on all of your social media outlets. This way your content is syndicated!

So now your one blog post becomes 10, or how ever many social media hubs you wish to share it on.

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