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Fashion Consultant Directory & Private Boutique Collections

When you list your business in CLAIMroe Directories, you will also have access to great tools customized to LuLaRoe Consultants. Think of CLAIMroe as a gateway to your VIP Facebook Group Member Page. In your CLAIMroe Profile page, you can promote visitors to join our Facebook Group or visit your website.

CLAIMroe is your opportunity to build authority and promote your Facebook group pages. CLAIMroe reaches outside of Facebook to the Web to find new customers.

CLAIMroe is dedicated to providing a custom user experience between LuLaRoe Consultants and Customers. CLAIMroe works with Facebook by providing links to your Facebook pages allowing you to increase your Facebook audience while still building your CLAIMroe audience.

CLAIMroe Power Consultants Profile page has a link to invite viewers to join their VIP Facebook Group Page. As a CLAIMroe Power Consultant ($9.95/month) you build a following on CLAIMroe and Facebook. This can double your user base which can double your profits.

As CLAIMroe expands more and more customers will be attracted to the all in one Social Shopping Experience you will be offering your customers. CLAIMroe Power Consultant can share content kept private with other CLAIMroe Power Consultant. This is great for swaps or excess inventory. Create private albums only visible to you and other consultants.

Other Benefits:

  • With the use of permission levels the content you want public is live on the web (only in the U.S.).
  • Meaning Google can index your blog post and pages allowing people outside of Facebook and other Social Media sites to find you. This can open a brand new audience outside of Facebook.
  • You have access to permission controls to make content Public or Private.
  • Earn Points and Badges to boost reputation and credibility.
  • Create an unlimited blog post from your profile page. Your public post will be indexed by Google and viewable to anyone who searches on a web browser.
  • You have the choice to list your LuLaRoe Consulting Business in the Local Directory. Customers can search for consultants in their area.
  • CLAIMroe will Blog for you, increasing your profile visibility.  You have the ability to blog for yourself, which is even better
  • On the internet, it is still all about search. For a person to spread the word about your LuLaRoe business they first must find you.
    CLAIMroe is optimized for Google’s Structured Data Model to list your local business.
  • Lots more features not mentioned and more coming soon.

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Power Consultant Account

Private Fashion Boutique Collection
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