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CLAIMroe Google+

Advantage of listing your services by creating a Power Consultant Profile:

CLAIMroe Google+

More and more shoppers are looking for LuLaRoe, so I thought, why not make it easier for the LuLaRoe shopper to find you! So we created a directory in the Google Plus Network.

I’m excited about this feature because I know the long term advantages it can bring.

  • When you display an advertisement in the Facebook Network, it goes away, it does not get indexed for Google Search.
  • Having your profile in CLAIMroe Google+ Network allows for Google to index your post for Google Search.
  • After Google indexes your CLAIMroe Google+ Profile, people will be able to find you with relative keyword matches.
  • As long as you have a Power Consultant Profile, your post remains in Google+ and continues to get indexed.

Above are just a few advantages. I encourage you to continue to add content, create a Story, more relevant content gets you more page indexes. Make sure your story isn’t an event, but an actual story of your LuLaRoe experience. Viewers don’t want to read about an event that happened last month.

Social Marketing Tips
Social Marketing Tips

The Google+ Network is small in comparison to Facebook Social Media.  The difference is how and where you appear in search results for Google. By having a Google+ Profile listing in the CLAIMroe LuLaRoe Network it gives you an advantage; Better visibility when shoppers search Google for relevant LuLaRoe keywords.

Joining The CLAIMroe Google+ Network is not required for you to start seeing traffic generated by your Google+ listing.  Please give some time for Google to index your post before being available in search.

If you have just recently upgraded to a Power Consultant and do not see your profile listed in our Google+ Network, please let me know so I can add you.  View your listings here:

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